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The Facts

You could save £££'s per year by simply switching to a condensing boiler.

Can be swapped directly with your existing boiler.

Boilers account for approximately 60% of your fuel bill,  so a good boiler is key to cost reduction.

All of our Gas Condensing Boilers are fitted with a 10 Year Parts and Labour Manufacturer’s Warranty as standard*. We are able to offer this due to the top quality install and service provided.

All boiler replacements carried out by Energy Grant Scotland will include a full systematic cleanse of the system using both Clean and Protect chemicals to ensure that the system is thoroughly cleaned before any work is carried out.

Once the new boiler has been installed, an ADEY Magnaclean Filter is added to ensure that the boiler is protected as well as it can be.

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Cut the costs of your new boiler and join the hundreds of people already saving with Energy Grant Scotland.

Stop paying £££'s of pounds every year on boiler maintenance and take back control with our Pay As You Save Boilers! 

The self-funded boiler is tailored to suit homeowners who pay maintenance or service cover for their boiler and heating system at an average cost of £25 per month.​

What if we could install a brand new boiler with a 10 year warranty for the same or even less than the monthly instalments you are already paying?

With peace of mind for the next decade that your boiler is protected with unlimited call outs, parts & labour and a manufacturing warranty, what are you waiting for?

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Payment Packages

Looking for a payment package? Contact one of our expert advisors to find the perfect payment solution for you.

•Replacement Condensing Boiler


•Supplied & Fitted includes labour


•Mechanical Clock & Wireless Thermostat


•Fernox Filter


•5 Year Warranty Parts & Labour

From £16.99 per month

•Replacement Condensing Boiler


•Supplied & Fitted includes labour


•Wireless Programmable Thermostat


•Magna clean Filter


•Chemical Treatment


•10 Year Warranty Unlimited Parts & Labour

 From £19.99 per month

Bronze Package
Silver Package
Gold Package

•Replacement Condensing Boiler


•Supplied & Fitted includes labour


•Internet Smart Controls

•Magna clean Filter


•Systematic Cleanse 2 tier treatment

•12 step performance check-up

•10 Year Warranty Unlimited Call outs, parts & labour

From £24.99 per month

ADEY MagnaClean Filter

ADEY Professional Heating Solutions is the industry-leading name in magnetic filtration. ADEY’s MagnaClean filters are the best selling brand with more than three million installed throughout Europe.

We fit ADEY MagnaClean Filters on all of our boilers as it is proven technology that guarantees your heating system’s protection. The use of this filter helps us to maintain the 10 Year Parts and Labour Manufacturer’s Warranty provided on every boiler we install.

Introducing The Salus Smart Controls.

Salus Heating Controls will change the way you use your central heating, providing you with control over both your heating and hot water. With features such as custom schedules and the Salus Heating app you can have a warm home whenever you need it.

The Salus Heating controls can come with numerous features such as holiday mode and the energy save override, meaning you have total control over your energy efficiency.

The installation and proper use of heating controls could save you between £75 - £155 reducing your CO2 emissions by anywhere between 320kg – 660kg!*

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